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Digital Learning Handbook for Students

Dear Students, Parents and Carers, 

To reduce confusion around accessing digital classrooms we have decided as a school to use only Microsoft Teams as a learning platform. We have created a student guide to using this which can be accessed via the link below. Students can access learning activities through this platform. Teachers are in the process of setting up classes, emails may be sent to students notifying them that they have been added to a team. Students should continue with the learning that has already been provided this term. No further learning will be provided for 7-10 students before the end of term. We are anticipating that all classes will be able to use this digital platform starting at the beginning of Term 2, and we will be communicating more information surrounding this as we move closer to Term 2. At this point we are suggesting using this guide to familiarise yourselves with the Teams environment so that everyone can be as prepared as possible for the beginning of Term 2. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any more information. 

Microsoft Teams Digital Classroom Handbook