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The Willyama High School P&C is an Incorporated Association affiliated with the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of NSW.  Our meetings are organised by the P&C President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary and attended by the Canteen Manager, Principal, SRC, parents and community members.

The Willyama High School P&C would like to invite you to attend our P&C meetings.  These meetings are held on the second Wednesday in every month, except during school holidays, at 7:00pm in the school library.  Meeting dates are also published on the school website and community sign.

Our P&C needs new members in order for it to be able to continue.  Involvement in the P&C does not require fundraising activities as all money is raised by the school canteen. All canteen profits directly benefit our students, whether it be to purchase new school equipment or to support students to attend excursions.

Being a member of the P&C enables you as a parent to have insight into the education of Willyama High School students and general activities that the school is involved in. 

As a parent you will:

·        Be better informed about the school and education in general 

·        Have the opportunity to contribute ideas that benefit the students

·        Support the education of our children

·        Get to know school staff and other parents

·        Feel more confident about being part of the school community 

·        Help to decide how the canteen funds are spent

It's a great way to become part of the school community as your child starts high school.

Thank you

Willyama P&C Executive.